Proud Parents!

Miss Hiebert brought frog eggs into the classroom that she collected from a pond by her house. Our frog eggs hatched over the weekend and now are raising lots and lots of tadpoles!


Avi – The tadpoles are cute!

Alexyss – I have never seen tadpoles.

Caydin – How come they are so little anyway? How come we can’t see their eyes?

Logan – What do they eat and what do they drink?

Deegan – I like them.

Tavian – They are small, and you can’t hardly see their eyes.

Sophie – They are slimy! They are scary!

Keira – They are cute! They are tiny!

Lucas – I can’t wait until the tadpoles are frogs and they can hop around in the tank.

Thian – I can’t wait to see the frogs jump around.

Brayden – They are getting gills.

Drake – They are cool!

Field Trip!

On Wednesday morning we hopped on Shelly’s bus and traveled to the local sheep farm to observe some adult sheep and some little lambs. We got to see them enjoying their lunch, watched them jump a lot and if we were really quiet we even got to pet some of the sheep. We were even lucky enough to see a lamb being born!

The 100th Day!

In February we celebrated our 100th day of school. We joined other schools celebrating their 100th day to help contribute stories to #100storiesof100 on Twitter! It was cool to see what other schools did to celebrate.

Here are some things we did:

We built structures using 100 dixie cups.

We raced for 100 seconds to see who could build the tallest tower with their 100 dixie cups.

We built hearts for Valentine’s Day coming up.

We also shared our collections of 100 things and weighed them to compare. It was a fun day!


We were lucky enough to have a special guest join our class to teach us how to Zumba! April from Studio Squared spent an afternoon at the school and worked with our class during last period. We learned a cool new penguin dance. Watch us do it!

Sleigh Ride!

On the last day of classes before the break, along with Christmas dinner, presents, and other fun, we got to go for a sleigh ride! The weather was beautiful and it was a lot of fun! Too bad almost half of the class was sick that day!

Cookie Making

The week before Christmas Holidays began we participated in a lot of fun activities. We made reindeer, we made elves, and we got to make, bake, and decorate gingerbread cookies!